Google Maps API


To be able to use Google Maps on your website you have to register Maps Javascript API key (Make sure to enable Geocoding API as well).
Please follow the link below for the instructions.

How to get API key instructions

CreateX data API

You can alter the map via flexible data API data-:

See example below:

<!-- Enable Map Controls -->
<div class="google-map" data-height="300" data-address="New York, USA" data-zoom="10" data-disable-controls="false" data-scrollwheel="false" data-marker="path-to-map-marker-image" data-marker-title="We are here!" data-styles='[{ "styles in JSON format" }]'></div>
//- Enable Map Controls
  data-height = "300",
  data-address = "New York, USA",
  data-zoom = "10",
  data-disable-controls = "false",
  data-scrollwheel = "false",
  data-marker = "path-to-map-marker-image",
  data-marker-title = "We are here!",
  data-styles = '[{ "styles in JSON format" }]'